70% of CBD Companies Test Positive with Heavy Metals

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CBD products have become ever popular today. It seems like they are just about everywhere. Tinctures, creams, candies, drinks, etc. By the year 2020 this market is estimated to reach 2.1 billion in sales by 2023 23 billion in the US. However, are your products really helping you or is there more to know?

CBD through research has shown many medicinal benefits. Studies have shown it to reduce inflammation, help with anxiety, help with healing and more much. However, this industry is highly unregulated, and many products can actually cause you some harm.

One study of the top 240 products available online or in non-dispensaries showed that 70% of these products contained heavy metals like lead and arsenic, pesticides, toxic mold, and other harmful impurities.

Much of this is do to the poor regulation. Companies and products are not required to test for these substances. They only requirement currently mandated is that there must be less than 0.03% THC, beyond that it’s like the wild wild west.

If you are using these products, it’s very important to know the quality. Afterall, you are using these for medicinal purposes so why would you want the opposite effect. Reputable companies would be happy to supply certificates of analysis that show they do not have these nasty additives.

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