A Little Re-Introduction: My Name is Devin Stone...

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My new faces on here since.

My name is Devin Stone and I wanted to let you know a little bit about my page. My goal here is to help empower people into truly knowing how to manage their health.
Today we live in what I call a “sick care” system. We live in a toxic environment, learn little about what makes us healthy and what makes us sick. Ultimately just waiting till we are ill to see our doctors.

However I want to promote “health care” teaching people how to maintain health, tackle disease and be better versions of themselves: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Besides health I want to also take you on my little journey of life. You will also see stories and posts of my daily living. Yes, it’s not always perfect and that’s what I want to share. The good times, the bad times. Because after all that’s what we are as humans. None of us can always live the perfect healthy lives. But if we try to make a conscious effort and enjoy the ride that is where LIVING begins...

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