A look Into Margarine and Its Impact on Health

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You butter not touch that margarine... oh how I cannot tell you enough how nasty this stuff is. It’s one of the epitomes of green washing over the years, but let’s break down the facts behind this product.

Margarine became a major player in the butter alternatives over the years. Their marketing plan looked something like this, blame saturated fats for heart disease without proof that this exists and label margarine as an alternative low in saturated fat. Not only was there lacking causative proof but in actuality they were marketing an even worse for your health product.

When we look at margarine, yes, it’s lower in saturated fat. However, what it’s really made of is a way nastier kind of fat. Something they don’t tell you on their label 🧐.
So, what is it made of. Margarine is a highly processed polyunsaturated fat. What does this mean? Well, first very cheaply refined oils (such as corn, soy, canola) are sourced which are high in omega six (inflammatory) and low in omega three (anti-inflammatory) oils. Next, these oils are mixed under high pressures with metals such as titanium oxide to create this processed “butter”. Next it is bleached and colored to look appealing and then sold 🤮.
However, this new concoction is not only more inflammatory fats but also it consists of polyunsaturated oils. Meaning, these oils take on a form that easily oxidize cells it comes into contact with. This can drastically affect a cell and results in effects such as decreased oxygen capacity and DNA damage.

Lastly, these reactive fats in margarine also damage arterial walls. Typically, these are the culprit behind damaging arteries which can lead to plaques, narrowing and hardening of vessels (atherosclerosis). And this is only the beginning to what using this can do to your body.

Moral of the story, you butter not touch that margarine.

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