A Look Into Mens Mental Health

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Men are not able to speak about mental health and it is killing us…. Today we live in a world where it is hard for a man to speak about their mental status. The idea of expression of feelings, sharing emotions, and discussing mental issues is almost seen as NOT MANLY. It’s extremely hard for a male today to be able to express themselves without being judged in this manner.

Men who are vocal with their mental issues are often looked at as week or lesser. Sometimes in these cases of mental hardship we even tell men to “man up”, “sack up”, “or don’t be a sissy” …. All phrases showing that we ostracize a man for sharing his emotions.

But this is a huge concern. Mental disease is a serious issue for men and as we see its very hard for a man to share theirs. In fact, 9% of all men deal with depression, 3 million with anxiety, 10 million with an eating disorder, and more. Out of the 3.5 million people with schizophrenic disorder 90 percent of them are male. Mental disease within the male population is real.

Since we tend to ignore or burry the issues related with mental health and males it causes huge issues. Male suicide rate is constantly rising. Overall men are more likely to complete a suicide attempt when compared to their female counterparts. For men 10 through 39 years old suicide is the second most likely cause of death. Even at times where suicide is not the outcome many men are leaning towards substances to hide their mental issues, leaving 1 out of 5 men developing a alcohol dependency in their life.

With that said it’s important to acknowledge this. Mental diseases are real. Both men and women suffer from it. Both hurt from it. Both need help with it. We need to encourage men to be able to express themselves and not be scared of admitting to these mental disturbances. Create a world where we can all share our feelings and not feel ostracized when done. #menshealthmonth

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