A Look Into Regenerative Prolotherapy Injections

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Great time training on more extremity prolotherapy injections today. Such an amazing treatment.

Prolotherapy is a process where a regenerative agent is injected into a joint. Once injected it can stimulate the body to naturally restore this area. So cool.
In prolotherapy there typically are a few options for agents to inject.

Dextrose - this solution of stimulates inflammations and recruits the body’s natural system to repair.

PRP - this is a sector of your own blood. Yes that’s right, it’s the process where you takes platelets, growth factors, collagen, and other regenerative agents.

Stem Cells - these traditionally are harvested from bone marrow or fat cells. We can isolate your own cells to promote regeneration.

Exosomes - these are vesicles filled with growth factors. Growth factors are your bodies messages for communication. In this case they can signal healing where they are placed.

This is such an amazing time we are living in. Instead of masking pain a degeneration with pain killers, steroids and more we can work to actually restore form and function

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