A Look Into the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

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Today we are starting Naturopathic Medicine Week. A week dedicated to sharing the knowledge of what naturopathic medicine is. I know this is something I try sharing all the time but this week I wanted to take some more time to highlight this amazing branch of medicine.

This is why I Love Naturopathic Medicine. Many parts of Naturopathic Medicine you may be very familiar with. We learn how to diagnose disease through western approaches, we learn physical exams, , we perform minor medical procedures, we order labs and diagnostic tests, and we have the right to prescribe drugs.

However, there is something very unique that goes beyond these conventional approaches which drew me to this profession. We also learn how to help people NOT need drugs, to NOT rely on surgery and to naturally rebuild their bodies. But how is this done?

This is primarily done by the way we approach helping a patient heal. It is done through our six principles of our medicine which are the following:

1. First, do no Harm – meaning start with the least invasive plan. If you can heal someone with food vs. a toxic pill with side effects, go this route.
2. Identify and Treat the Cause – instead of just prescribing and treating symptoms which is conventionally done we work to find the root cause of disease. This often takes time and work but with the goal to actually heal the body.
3. Treat the Whole Person – we as people are more than physical beings. It is important to address the mind, body and soul when healing a patient. Many of our ailments are more than visible pathologies.
4. The Healing Power of Nature – nature has provided us healing for the history of mankind. Turning back to its natural order and restoring its function can help us heal.
5. Physician and Teacher – a doctor does not heal you. You heal yourself. Your doctor is hear to teach you and to support you along your healing journey.
6. Prevention – medicine is not just about treating illness. It’s also about teaching how to stay healthy and prevent disease. Something that is so lost today.
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