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Alternative meats, what the hype is not telling you...🌱. The last couple years we have see a huge shift into the plant based food world. More brands are going vegan and creating plant based options. Brands such as Beyond and Impossible seem to be branching in every direction: from grocery to fast food, this industry is exploding. But are most consumers really aware of everything that’s in them?

A study by Dr. Orlich et. al. Followed 73,000 patients on a plant based diet. His studies along with numerous other studies showed this diet helped lower morbidity rates and diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes and more. Clearly plant based is a good healthy diet, but what is wrong with these plant based meat alternatives.

Well, many of these are far from what plants actually are. They are like a science experiment of the natural world. Containing highly processed products, isolates and poor quality ingredients might not make these any better or potentially even worse for you.

For instance when we look at the beyond brand. One of the major ingredients here is canola oil. Canola oil has been shown to be a highly inflammatory oil and newer studies even show it can be linked to brain degeneration.

Also, when we look at the sodium content. A beyond patty has almost 490mg of sodium. When compared to a traditional meat patty that has about 70mg. High sodium diets like this can be linked to cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

Not to mention most of these products are not using organic verified ingredients. That means their plant ingredients can be ridden with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage, and growth hormones.

End of the day many of these alternative meat substances are far from real food. They more are like frankenmeats. Some brands such as @qrunchorganics Are doing an amazing job and offering you an alternative to meats without the health consequence.

So next time you see the grand opening of your favorite fast food chain going plant based. Please think again. This does not mean it is now healthy. As always you have to look into the ingredients, know how they source their foods and then you can consentuallt understand if it’s good for you.

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