Deodorants, Are they Unhealthy? Your Guide to Anti-Perspirants

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Let’s talk deodorants or anti-perspirants. Most of us (or at least I hope 🤓) use deodorant on a daily basis. It’s important for helping stop unwanted perspiration under the arms as well as eliminating unwanted bodily odors. It’s typically a major part of our hygiene routines. But is the product your using safe?

I’m sure by now you have heard something about deodorants and its health safety. But what really are the risks. Let’s start looking into this further. Your armpit is a highly absorptive area. Much of what you put on it absorbs into the skin and ultimately into circulation. Day after day we apply agents to this area that enter our bodies. Yes, it’s a small amount each time but this constant application accumulates over time.

Now let’s look into what most deodorants are composed of. Aluminum based compounds are one of the major active ingredients in most conventional brands. These agents can mimic estrogen in the body and cause a hormonal imbalance of this powerful steroid hormone. Besides hormone disruption Aluminum accumulates in the body. So far I have not seen a study directly relating the use of aluminum in deodorants causing these diseases but have seen the following associated with increased Aluminum and Xeno-estrogen increase: different cancers, dementia, increased inflammation and more.

Second, many of these deodorants use fragrance. If you didn’t see my earlier post check it out. Fragrance is essentially a blanket term that allows for the use of over 5000 chemicals. Many of these chemicals have been shown to be carcinogenic, hormone disrupting, inflammation signaling... These are only a couple of the scary ingredients in these products. So maybe it’s time you start to think about what you are putting on and switch to something more natural and functional. 🌱

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