Did you Know 90% of Table Salt has Microplastics in Them

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We all know plastics are everywhere? But have you thought about them being in your table salts?

A research team in South Korea examined 39 brands of salt sold in 21 countries around the world. Of these 39 major brands 36 of them tested positive for micro plastics within them. That means 90% of these products have micro plastics in them. Which means every time you are adding a little flavor to your food their is more than just Sodium Chloride.

When the researchers looked at the salts and where they were harvested there was a large correlation between the amount of plastics that country used annually and the amount that would come back in their salts. Another large sign of how impactful we as humans are on the environment. The plastics we are using make way into our environment and eventually back into our bodies because they are everywhere.

In example, in 2015 Indonesia was found to have the worlds second highest level of plastic pollution. This salt study also showed that brands of salt coming from this area had some of the highest amount of micro-plastics.

So wants the problem? Well, the environment is a huge concern what we are doing. But, there are huge health risks as well. These micro-plastics can accumulate in our bodies. Many of them closely mimic estrogen in our bodies. From here is can stimulate different estrogen related cascades such as anabolic changes.

Plastics in our bodies have been shown to be linked to increased risk of breast cancer, increased risk of prostate cancer, skin disorders, memory loss, infertility and more.

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