Do You Eat Fermented Foods? Why These are so Good for our Gut

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Do you eat fermented foods? Many cultures and areas around the world have used fermented foods for years. However, the Standard American Diet seems to be lacking these important foods.

Fermented foods include: sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, kimchi, kefir, tempeh and so much more. But why are these foods so important.

Well, fermented foods are alive. Alive with bacteria. Our bodies have evolved alongside these bacteria and we need them to live. In fact our bodies are almost 10x the amount of bacteria than we are our own cells.

But what do these bacteria do? Many of these bacteria are responsible for many symbiotic relationships. They help use digest food, they create important vitamins for us, they boost or immunity, they help create important neurotransmitters and so much more.

Today we are really starting to stress and understand this important relationship we have with our microbiome. Including fermented foods into our diet can help us increase the amount we are obtaining. Also, if we do not populate our system with these good bacteria we leave room for harmful pathogens to take their place.

You can think of your microbiome as highly wanted real estate. Both good bacteria and bad bacteria want to live here. Under healthy conditions these areas are occupied by our good bacteria. But the minute we leave a vacancy open it gives the opportunity for these harmful invaders to move in. Now we not only won’t be receiving the mutualistic benefits the good bacteria provide but will also now be exposed to the harmful effects of the bad.

So next time you are creating your meal or at the grocery store think about adding something fermented to your meal plan. These foods are also fun to make!

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