Does Your Doctor Only Help You When You are Sick

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“Come back if/when you have a problem” – Doctor.

The healthcare system is built on a sick care model and not a health care model. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s look at the two side by side. A sick care model which we have in place waits till a patient is sick until the doctor intervenes. A health care model works to keep a patient healthy and prevent disease. Two major differences that we will look into in more detail.

This post stemmed from a recent post I did on Breast Implant Illness and cancer. I was shocked by how many women reached out to me explaining they had illness associated with their implants. From here I did more research, ultimately finding a physician talking about the recent Allergan recall on implants. His message to his patients was, “Unless you are having symptoms there is no need to remove these Allergan Implants”. And this message is what bugged me.

This message follows the exact “sick care” model we are so used to. We know these implants cause problems, we know they can be linked to cancer and other diseases. So why would be tell a patient to use them and just say something once they have symptoms. It’s basically saying put something toxic in your body and call me when the disease manifests. At this time, it could be too late.

Instead of preventing disease we are waiting till it happens to treat. In my opinion this seems very backwards.

This is why I wanted to become a doctor myself. I want to help show people how to live healthy lives. How to prevent disease. How to avoid areas that are making us sick. I feel like this is truly “healthcare”. It takes empowering a patient to be healthy and to manage their own bodies. Instead of telling people “call me when you are sick” I would rather have patients ask me “how do I keep from becoming sick”. Afterall over 80% of disease is lifestyle related…. Maybe it’s time we should be building a “health care” model.

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