Everyday I tell Myself This... (A Little Look into My Motivation)

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Every day I tell myself and the universe out loud. I will be an amazing doctor and will help people heal.

I found this to be my primary passion in life. Helping revolutionize healthcare and medicine and show people what living is really about. But guess what at a point I wasn’t following this passion and not following my purpose.
Here’s a little bit about myself. When I was in my early twenties I helped start a medical practice in Hollywood, CA that flourished. During this time I got to have a pretty fun life. Working with celebrities, partied at extravagant events, nice cars, vacations... you get it.

As any young twenty year old, I loved it. But one day when I was in my late twenties I woke up one day and started to realize I was not truly happy. I was having fun but I was not happy or feeling fulfilled. So what was I missing?

Well, I wasn’t following my passion. I fell off track and wasn’t following my heart on becoming a physician and helping people heal. (Which I have wanted since a young age). So at 29, I applied to medical school. Left my almost 10 year life in Hollywood. Left my income. Left my network. Left my friends and family.

Now here I am. Stressed, but happier than ever. It’s hard being away from the comforts I once had. But, now, I am learning an amazing form of medicine, connecting with brilliant minds and on route to what truly makes my heart full.

I put everything on the line to make this happen and would do it time and time again. Because I know one day soon I’m going to have all the tools needed to truly help teach and guide people on their journey to healing themselves. Love you all! ✨🌱🙏🏻

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