Feel Rushed with Your Doctor, Well They Only have 15 Minutes for You

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You have 15 minutes to explain your 15 years of chronic disease.

This to me is one of the fundamental issues of the healthcare system. Your doctor on average has 17.5 minutes to spend with you. That means to review your history, take exams, interpret labs, diagnose and treat you all in 17.5 minutes.

Sounds impossible right. Well, it mostly likely is. This amount of time only gives a doctor the ability to isolate specific symptoms and quickly treat with a pharmaceutical prescription.

However, these patients are left with a palliative treatment. Their core issue was never heard, their treatment plan never fully created for cure, and their chronic disease never fully managed.

This simply needs to change. We need to spend more time learning the patient as a whole. All aspects of the patient: mind, body and soul. Yes, this takes time. But when we do so we can actually work on healing the patient the way they should be.

I’m sure many people out there can read this and relate. You know that feeling where you feel like you were never even heard by your doctor. That feeling you were more part of a factory system than a healing one.

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