Filtering Your Shower Water Can be Good for You

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Who doesn’t love a nice warm shower? Some of us have our best thoughts in the shower. Others become full on rockstars singing our favorite tunes. But… when it comes ot showering are you protecting yourself?

This may sound like a silly thing to ask, protecting yourself in a shower. But let’s look into this a little further. The average shower is about 15min in length. Every 5 minutes of showering almost 20 gallons of water are used. That means during each shower about 60 gallons of water passes over our body. So still, what’s the problem?

Well just like my earlier post on our running water that we use for drinking this same water is used on our skin to bath. This water often contains pharmaceuticals, pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. So each day we are not only putting water on our body but also these toxic chemicals.

Our skin is a highly absorbent. When this water comes into contact with our skin some of it is absorbed into our body. This my not seem like a lot. But day after day this adds up. On average a person shower almost 7 times per week. This means in their lifetime (an average 78.69 years in the United States) they would have showered 28,643 times. This also means 1,718,589.6 Gallons of water bathed their body. So yes, these small amounts daily add up over time.

So, what can you do? Companies such as @propurusa have mazing filters that can be placed right into your shower system. This requires very little to install and will help filter these nasty chemicals out of your shower. Now you can enjoy your shower, TOXIN FREE!!

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