Fresh Air, Why Its so Important to Our Health

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Let’s take a moment and talk about fresh air. It’s something we definitely take for granted and often don’t get enough of.

I know for myself this is something I make sure to incorporate into my routine. Between being indoors for school and work and living in a city I often do not get the clean air my body craves.

Indoors and city living can be very toxic. City air is filled with VOCs, allergens, industrial fumes and more. Indoors we are exposed to dead skin cells, allergens, mold and more. Day after day these substances build up in our body and can manifest a whole host of diseases.

Before our modern times medical practices were often placed out in the country side. Many called sanitoriums. They did this to make sure their patients could have fresh air which would help in the healing process.

So, make sure you take some time. Get out to nature and breath in some fresh air 🌎☀️

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