Greenwashing, Why its so Important to Not Fall for these Clever Packaging

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Greenwashing... this is one of the hardest things for me to see in a grocery store. Many of these brands are getting really good at making products appear to be healthy.

Using green packaging, labeling their food as plant based, putting on labels such as nonGMO and fair trade. But what they fail to blatantly show you is what the products are actually composed of. Until you look at the ingredients tucked away on the back side in a nearly non legible font size.

So, what can you look for?

Here some quick and easy tips to try and make grocery shopping easier.

stay on the perimeter of the store. This is where most of the whole food products are where the aisles are saturated with processed products.

choose certified organic. This can ensure your products are pesticide free, no hormones, nonGMO and free of synthetic pesticides.

read the ingredients. This is the only place these companies are truly liable. If you can recognize or pronounce and ingredient it’s probably not food.

buy foods that are seasonal. This will help ensure the highest nutritional quality.

eat the rainbow. By having a variety of colored foods can ensure a larger variety of nutrients.

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