Healing can be Scary

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Let’s face it. Healing can be scary. It can be downright daunting. So many of us make it look easy but it’s not. It’s terrifying. It’s hard, BUT you let me tell you that you can do it.


Healing can be scary for many reasons. First, it’s hard to admit that you are sick. It’s hard to have a doctor tell you that you are unwell. So many of us fear going to the doctor or fear acknowledging the fact we need to make changes to better our health. We may be scared to admit that our hip hurts when you walk or that the cigarette you just smoked can be causing cancer.


Second, it’s terrifying to figure out how to heal. Starting a healing journey, you get overwhelmed with what to do. You are told to change your diet, drink clean water, exercise daily, breath fresh air, meditate, work to support yourself and have purpose, but don’t work too much to stress yourself out, avoid toxins, eat organic foods…. The list goes on. You then find yourself with feelings overwhelmed, you don’t know where to start and are just buried under this massive pile of health tips.


Third, it’s daunting to know it’s going to be hard and take lots of work. You know you aren’t going to fix overnight. You know you aren’t going to just pop a pill and magically heal. Sometimes it feels easier just to sit at home then go for a run. Sometimes it’s easier to microwave a dinner than cook and organic meal. Sometimes it’s easier just doing what you are used to.




Anyone can.


However, sometimes you just need to know you are not alone. Everyone goes through these feelings. Hell, I do. There are times I don’t want to exercise but I know it’s going to help my hear, my lungs, my body. There are times I am hungry and want to just stop at a fast food store to get a quick bite. I feel you; we all feel you. You are not starting this journey. You are starting this healing journey with all of us in our own unique places.


And that is just it, it only takes starting. You don’t need to heal overnight. You don’t wake up tomorrow and live the perfectly healthy life. But what you need to do is start. Make small changes. Start with small steps. Because after all, healing is a journey. It just takes movement in that direction to begin healing. Start by doing one workout, then add another. Start by making one homecooked meal a week then a couple. But just start that path and remember you are not alone. We are all on our own next to you looking for that same destination.



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