Healing Takes Time, A look Into a Healing Journey

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We live in the era of instant gratification. You want to know something google quickly finds it. You need to buy something it’s delivered to your house the next day. It seems just about everything now a days is available right there at our fingertips.

This same concept I believe is a big reason the healthcare system is where it is today. People want instant results. I mean who blames them through. If you feel sick you want to feel better. If you are hurting you want to ease the pain. But let me tell you this often is not the answer.

Western medicine has been amazing at these quick fixes. In an acute setting it’s wonderful, you can palliatively treat a patient and ease them from their ailments. However, there is more.

For chronic disorders it seems this is a bit more complex. It’s next to impossible to rid the body of years of disease with a quick and simple remedy. There is no pill that will just wipe away your chronic disease. Yes, you might also pllaitevelh elevate the acute symptoms but the disease is still there. Still festering to express itself again.

In order to properly heal you must understand this. Healing takes time. It’s a process. One that I’d argue is ever evolving one with no destination but always a new path to explore.

As scary as it can sound to have to wait and slowly heal yourself just know there is help. There are practitioners out there to help, there are resources to support you, there are truly ways to heal.

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