Healthy Food is Often Not Accessible to All

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I post quite a bit about the importance of food. To me it’s one of the primary foundations for health. Good quality nutritive food can heal while poor quality food can invoke disease. So why doesn’t everyone just eat healthier?

Sadly, there is much more to it then just telling people to eat well. Many people do not even have access to healthy options.

Today in the United States 28.5 Million Americans live in what is called a “food desert”. This means they are at least 1 mile away in a urban setting and at least 10 miles away in a rural setting from the closest grocery store. Many of these people also without transportation. So ask yourself how can these people heal their bodies if they can’t even make it to a store.

To make things worse these “food deserts” have a 30% higher density of convenient stores. Meaning much of the foods available here are low quality nutriative foods, highly processed and damaging to the body. People in these areas are 2.5 times more likely to eat fast food.

Clearly there is an issue. Healthy food needs to be spread among all of our communities. Let me know your thoughts? Do you have any solutions to this?

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