Herbs are our Traditional Medicine, Why we are Turning Back to These Ways

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Herbs have been used for hundreds to thousands of years to remedy our ailments. It was really only in the 19th century that prescription medication took over. But why the sudden change?

Before we go any further let me just take a moment and say I do believe there is a time and place for pharmaceuticals. Every year they save thousands of people’s lives. However, the problem is we are ever dependent on them, overprescribing, and becoming addicts. Okay, so back to herbs 😁.
When we look at herbs that are composed of a plants constituents in their complete form. When we look at a pharmaceutical it is an Isolated product that is being used. Plants you see are very clever, they evolved for years creating the perfect blend of compounds that can benefit our bodies.

In contrast isolates are not natural. So why use them? Well, Isolated compounds have the ability to be patented. Unlike a plant that cannot be monetized this way. From a patients perspective this is great. It means the herb cannot be controlled by one group which means a larger supply market and lower prices. Pharmaceuticals however are owned which means the manufacturer while they have their patent can charge whatever they want. The exact reason why companies can sell life saving epinephrine injections for absurd prices.

So, as western society does we built a financial model and healthcare system on this. And today I believe this is one of the fundamental reasons why so many people are using medications. It makes money. However, are they really that much better?

Like we were saying many herbs contain similar chemicals. Many drugs were actually originally isolated from them. However, they have more healing properties. Besides only being isolated constituent that treats one ailment they are loaded with an array of health amplifying agents.

Today more people are turning back to these methods. We have thousand of years of case studies of people using these herbs around the world. Which gives them much credibility. However, today research in this area is also exploding. We are proving their mechanisms and benefits 🌱

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