Heres a Couple of My Travel Health Tips

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Traveling.... I’ve been doing lots of it this summer. Some for fun mostly for work. But I just wanted to share a couple of things I do to stay healthy on my trips.

1. Supplements, I try to bring mine everywhere with me. Most nights I’m eating out and enjoying many foods I usually don’t eat so this Is a good way to help support my body with nutrition it deserves.

2. Water, I bring a canteen with me everywhere. That way I can stay hydrated and don’t have to but plastic bottles. Most hotel gyms or lobbies have places to fill them up.

3. Juicing, most places you go you can find healthy organic juices. This is another quick way to add in densely packed nutrients and it always taste good on the go.

4. Slow down, you done have to see everything in a single day. Take a moment allow your body to relax and take in the wonderful place you are in.

5. Enjoy a digital detox. Put your phone down. Close your laptop. Turn off your hotel tv and embrace the wonders of the city you are in.

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