Hot Cocoa is Actually and Ancient Healing Drink

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ocoa or cocao has been used as early as 600 B.C. This wonderful herb most commonly has been used in the form of a rich cocoa beverage.

Since this date there has been a long history of use of this plant. It has been used in medicines and transitional ceremonial practices ever since.

Check out this quick and easy to make cocoa beverage.

1. Warm 1 cup non-dairy milk of choosing. I prefer oat in mine.

2. Add 2-3 Tbs organic cocoa powder. I like to try and get at least 80% dark and sourced ethically. Also, make sure to look into the heavy metal amounts in your chocolate. See @doctor.g_ page for more of this.

3. Add in additional herbs or species of choosing. For mine I love to add chaga and a hint of cayenne. Ask a Licensed ND for more info on what herbs would be good for you**.
And enjoy; this is a great beverage to share with friends. It has been shown to help increase neurotransmitters and increase social engagement. Perfect for those cool winter outings 😁😋.

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