How We Evolved with Food, and Food Evolved with Us

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For ages we evolved along side real food. Foods grown in nature are designed to work with our gut and digestion. The vitamins, minerals, macronutrients everything we need is so beautifully packaged together through the natural kingdom.

However, today food as evolved because of us. We walk into a store and most items we see can hardly be called foods. These foods often lack these viable nutrients. Besides that they are often packed with additives that do us harm. Such as pesticides, fillers, artificial food colorings, preservatives and more.

Along with this evolution of food our amount of chronic sickness has drastically increased. Now more than ever people are chronically sick and our food is a large contributing factor.

You see this is why food can be medicine or poison. Food can contain the nutrients that fight cancer, boost or immune system, support our hormones and more. Or we can pack them with unwanted additives that can do the opposite: increase inflammation, promote cancer, fog the mind, and so much more.

It’s time to take it back to what food really is supposed to be. Whole. Natural. and Nutrient dense.

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