How Your Foods Packaging Effects the World

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Do you ever think about how the food you eat impacts the world?

For most of us I feel we are so used to just feeding our mouths we rarely take the time to think about what happened to get that food there. Also, what impacts that food has after we are done with it.

Food can greatly impact our environment and this is how:

First, many foods come from a place far far away. They are trucked in, flown in, shipped in from various destinations around the world. This uses a lot of carbon resources and adds to pollution. So instead try your local farmers market where you can get foods that are sourced from near by farms.

Second, PACKAGING. In the store most foods are wrapped in plastics. These plastics are truly effecting our world. They end up in landfills, in our oceans, in our backyards. Instead try using a reusable organic cotton bag to take home your products.

Third, Farming practices. Large conventional farms can kill our soil. Often these farms grow the same crop year after year in large numbers. This can deplete the soul of nutrients. Then add in pesticides and other chemicals that further destroy the makeup of our earth. Instead biodynamic farmer with polyculture can help avoid this. After all we don’t want another dust bowl!

Fourth, plastic straws. We are so used to getting a beverage and drinking with a plastic straw then throwing it away. This is among the top plastic pollutants in our world. Try switching over to a reusable straw.

Fifth, single use plastic cups and utensils. Why do we even make single use! I understand it’s convenient to clean up but after one use these end up in our earth! Try using reusable cups, plates and utensils for every meal.

Lastly, plastic bags! Did you know the average plastic bag has a lifespan of 12 minutes creating a system where we landfill 200,000 of them every hour! Using a reusable bag when you go to the store can help avoid this.

These are just a few ways our food can impact our environment. So next time you take a bite think about where that food came from. Think about what will happen to the packaging it came in. Making changes in these areas that we do little think about can make a huge impact.

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