Indoor Scents Can be Harming Your Health

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What’s that smell?? Oh, sorry I’ll just cover it up with this with this toxic scent.

Let’s take a moment a take a look at in home and office fragrances. This industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry but do the products really look out for your health? I wanted to look into this industry in a little more detail.

Just about everyone I know has some sort of electrical outlet scent plugged in or are quick to grab an aerosol can to spray their room if it has an odor. Yes, they may quickly mask a smell and make a room more appealing but what are the consequences of inhaling and being exposed to these chemicals daily?

Before doing any online research, I wanted to go to a store and look at these products myself. If you scroll to my second picture you can see the back of one of the packages. And THIS was the most alarming to me. Almost every product had two major red flags. The ingredients and the warning labels.

The ingredients for most were either not listed or just termed “fragrance” which if you have followed my earlier posts you know this means a list of thousands of chemicals can be used, some of which are extremely harmful to your body. By using this term, the product can meet FDA guidelines and not list exactly which chemical or blend of chemicals are being used.

When we research these scented products in more detail, we do actually find many harmful chemicals such as aldehydes and other carcinogenic compounds are being used.

Next let’s look at the warning label. EVERY product had a pretty big and alarming warning label. Of course it’s on the back of the box so many people probably don’t even look at this and just fall for the packaging on the front…” wild lavender paradise” ….or whatever good sounding slogan they want to use that is nowhere close to what the product really is.

But looking at the label you can see even the product itself does not recommend contact with skin or eyes. It goes even further to say, “DO NOT INGEST and use in a well-ventilated area”. My question, why would you expose yourself daily to something even when the company that makes it is saying not to come in contact with it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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