Laughter Can Be One of the Best Medicines

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Let’s talk laughter...laughing, giggling, cracking up, chuckling, squeeling... what ever form it takes let’s appreciate the health benefits this simple state of being can have.

As you all know I love talking about the areas where we can improve our health for free #freemedicine . Laughter is definitely one of these areas.

Some of the short term benefits of laughter include:

1. Relieving Tension
2. Lowering Stress and Blood Pressure
3. Soothing tension

Some of the long term benefits include:

1. Increased immunity
2. Pain relief
3. Improved mood

So take some time for laughter. Maybe spend it with friends, listen or tell a good joke, watch your favorite funny show, go out and watch a comedy. This is such a powerful naturally developed system of healing in us.

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind. You know that 6am alarm clock, rushing to work, running to get food, taking care of kids, being consumed in technology... that kind of grind. With that it’s easy to forget about simple things such as having laughter.

Sometimes the best laughter is one you can share with someone else. Laughter is contagious. It’s healing power can be shared. It’s something you can also give to someone else... and once again it’s completely free.

So take some time. Laugh, enjoy a moment. And try sharing that with someone else.

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