Let's Talk Baby Food, Which Brands are Safe

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Let’s talk baby food. Something that doesn’t get enough attention but has a huge impact on our future generation.

Today about 90% of parents turn to store bought pre-packaged baby foods to feed their children. In a busy life that most of us lead today this seems like an easy and great option. But there is a lot more to it.

Consumer reports tested 50 of the top brands consumed in the US for heavy metals. And their finding me were the following:

Every product had higher than normal levels of at least one heavy metal (Mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium). Of these 68% had levels of at least one heavy metal that would be deemed unsafe for consumption.

Even the organic products here still had high levels of heavy metals. Scary! So what does this mean?

High levels of heavy metals can be even more devastating on children. Besides causing the typical cancers, immune responses, diabetes and more that we see in adults it effects children even more.

Children’s brains and organ systems are still developing and this time period I’d crucial for proper nutrition without poisonous substances. A study by Duke University of 565 adults who were exposed to high levels of lead in childhood had an average of a 4.25 point level when it comes to IQ score.

These are just done of the many harms that comes with baby foods. This is why it’s important to look at what’s really in these foods. Or even better we should be going one step further and making our own baby foods at home where we can control the ingredients and ultimately what our children are consuming.

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