Lets Talk Healing the Spirit: Ritual, Meditations, Mindfulness and More

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Let’s take a moment to talk spiritual practices, rituals, meditations, mindfulness... Cultures around the world have built practices around these concepts for centuries. They were built to support our spiritual self. You know that part of you that isn’t just flesh and bones.

Sadly today we are losing so many of these wonderful practices. We are loosing the sense of managing our spirit. At times even it seems if you even mention spirit you are stereotyped into this “hippy” “experimental” category. But when you ask these same people judging if they believe they have a spirit they would agree.

However, it’s important to get back to our roots and support our spirits. It’s important to heal all aspects of your body. So here are some methods I use to support myself in this way.

1. Taking time to meditate. Once or twice a day I take the time to slow down. To be with my breath. To be with my feelings. Taking this time to scan my body and listen to what it wants.

2. Sage. I like to burn sage in my house during times of need. Legendarily sage has been used to cleanse the spirits and ward off bad omens. To me the process of lighting the sage, building it’s plumes of wonderful scent and consciously walking around my apartment brings peace to my spirit.

3. Saying a daily mantra. Mine typically is “you will become a Doctor and help many people heal themselves”. Saying positive mantras like this help put your thoughts into existence and also create spiritual peace.

4. Saying positive affirmations. Daily I like to tell the world what I am thankful for. May it be my home, the air in my lungs, my family and friends. Also, speaking these words of thankfulness into existence is a powerful tool.

These are just a few of my favorite modalities. What are some of yours? Or what are your thoughts on healing the spirit?

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