List of Some of the Top Toxin Exposure Areas

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Here is a list of some of the areas we are exposed to toxic substances daily!

In today’s modern word exposures to toxins are just about everywhere. In the air we breath to the food we consume. So how do we avoid them?

1. Eat organic whole food based meals. This will help avoid pesticide and toxic additives.

2. Use clean beauty products. Makeup and other beauty products are often laden with toxins. Try a clean beauty product that is natural instead.

3. Use non-toxic and natural bath products. Products we use for cleaning our hair, body, deodorant etc. can often have toxic products in them. Switching over to a clean and safe product can help decrease this exposure.

4. Use filters for both your air and water. This will help reduce the amount of compounds you will be taking in.

5. Use non-toxic house cleaners. Cleaners such as bleach can damage our microbiome, irritate our body and create disease.

6. Support your bodies detox pathways. It’s inevitable you will be exposed to toxins. However, our bodies are designed to break down and eliminate toxic substances. It’s important to support your body through effective detoxification.

This is a great way to start protecting your health and preventing disease. After all we see over 80% of disease is lifestyle driven and some say >90% of cancer is as well. Simple changes like this can help decrease the odds of disease in these areas.

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