Mold, What Mainstream Medicine Isn't Looking At

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Mold, what mainstream medicine isn’t looking at.

Mold toxicities and illness is more rampant than we know of. It is estimated that over 1 million US Citizens are living with a mold infection. But, why do we not hear more about this?

Well, not to many people look into this. Often signs of fatigue, extreme sensitivity, inflammation are present but the cause of these symptoms are often overlooked. We to often prescribe to treat these symptoms without identifying this culprit.

So what’s the problem. Well, almost 25% of the population genetically cannot defend themselves from mold infection. Their genetic makeup does not include the material that codes for the defense needed to eliminate mold. When mold infects us it quickly can take havoc.

Homes and work places are often the most common places for exposure. Mold hidden below flooring or behind paint in bathrooms is more common than you would think. When present it can enter our bodies through inhalation, by eating its spores or even simply by touch.

Once it enters the body it quickly grows and elicits a whole host of mycotoxins. These toxins circulate the body and disease manifests.

Some of the common symptoms include: fatigue, sensitivity, weakness, joint pain, coughing, electric shocks, metallic taste, anxiety, night sweats and more.

So, if you feel like you have been exposed or just feel like you have many symptoms that have not been able to be diagnosed properly consult a doctor specialized in this field.

The Doctor has tools to help you. It typically looks like: first, removing the exposure. 2) preform a blood test to evaluate and diagnose infection 3) working with prescriptions and binder and detox mechanisms to remove the mold from your body.

However, just remember working with a professional through this is a must. If you try to detox and remove mold at the wrong rate you can flood your body with mycotoxins which can be detrimental to your health.

Also, for more info follow my friend @dr.jess.peatross she’s a genius at this kind of stuff.

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