Most Baby Food Products Test Positive for Heavy Metals

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A study by the consumer advocacy group found that 95% of 168 baby foods products continued heavy metals, including, arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium. 25% showed to have traces of all four of these heavy metals.

This is a huge concern and why it is so important to know the quality of the foods you are giving your baby. Most brands market themselves as being safe for children and do not disclose this type of information. All you see is that its made for you baby however no living being should consume anything with heavy metals in it.

Heavy metals can highly impact our children during these developmental years. Studies have shown that even trace levels of these heavy metals in their food can effect the Childs IQ. During these early phases of development the brain is in a crucial period. It’s during these years much of our mental patterns are being established and by disrupting them with heavy metals it can impact the child for the entirety of their lives.

Other studies also show heavy metals can be linked to ADHD. This could be a root cause of this problem. Many parents often are not told about these areas of exposure and are simply only given a pharmaceutical answer to their solution. However, removing these metals from our Childrens diet could prevent and eliminate some ADHD cases truly correcting the issue.

Most of these products have trace amounts of these metals which is often why these companies can get away with them in there. However, no level of heavy metals should be given to our children. These metals can bioaccumulate in their bodies and along side multiple exposures can lead to health concerns.

So, what to do. Look for brands that are safe and heavy metal free. The EWG website is a great place to search for safe and healthy alternative to feed our children.

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