My Experience Helping in a Refugee Camp in Mexico

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We are ALL human. We all feel pain. We all want to belong.

This morning was truly a life changing experience. I spent my morning helping at a refugee site south of the boarder near Tijuana Mexico. A place where hundreds of people have been displaced, needing help, and surviving.

We went out with a group of physicians, emts, nurses, medical students, volunteers and translators to try and bring some aid. The site I went to housed refugees from Haiti. They were displaced from their country and looking for a place to belong.

Children, women, families, sisters, brothers…. So many people just trying to live. Trying to find a place to call home without oppression and volatility.

First, we gave the kids a handful of stickers. Something that probably cost a dollar or two. It was beyond words to see how these kids responded. They were in utter awe to have something like this. The happiness on their faces was truly heart warming.

We went on to proceed to help intake patients. These patients then were able to meet with the team of physicians we went with to obtain care. Children from the age of two years old to adults. From coughs to pain. All needing some relief with no where else to turn.

All I can say is take a moment. Send a prayer to these people. There are so many of them looking for a place to call home. A place to build a community. A place they can be SAFE

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