My Experience with an Ancient Navajo Healing Tradition

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Have you ever experienced an ancient healing practice? Maybe it be a ceremony, a herbal supplement, or a spiritual practice. There is a lot to say about these ancient modalities and their efficacy.

Often we like to taboo and discredit some of these practices because they did not enter the medical space through research and studies like the medicines of the current pharmaceutical era. But, most of these predate this period of medicine by thousands of years. So, there must be something more to them.

We probably can all agree on the fact that these medicines have to have had some effect before the use of pharmaceuticals since they were used for so long. Honestly, It was the “conventional” practice of the time. They worked for centuries. So, the real question is why did we put so many of these practices aside?

Luckily, it seems like today more than ever these practices are Re-emerging. People are wanting these traditional practices. Why? Well the current model is failing. More people are sick than ever. And the one size fits all prescription plan is not making people healthy.

In this picture, I was attending a Navajo Indian Healing ceremony. It was one of the most powerful movements of my life. The spiritual and mental work that was done truly impacted my well being. And if you haven’t heard of mind body medicine yet look into it. Because this practice definitely had a physical impact on my health as well.

End of the day all I can say is be curious. Look into alternative methods. Explore other ways of healing. Because sometimes, what your insurance says will be covered for your health isn’t always what your body really needs ✨✨✨

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