My Own Story of Healing Psoriasis and Gluten Intolerance with Food

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Food is no just calories in and calories out. It’s not counting carbs. It’s not just something that fills your stomach. It’s information.

This is a picture of my own skin from the last summer. During the summer I traveled a lot, ate off my diet and had a little to much fun. That meant getting off my diet. That meant adding back in dairy, gluten, non-organic meals and an increased alcohol consumption.

I debated posting this picture for a while because on my page I try to portray myself as always being healthy and to love that type of lifestyle. Which yes, most of the time I’m very conscious of this and give back to my body in every way. But like anyone I’m human, I’m not perfect and fell off during the summer.

This is a huge representation of what you consume and how it effects you. Food is information. What you put in tells your body what to do, good or bad. It can stimulate healing and health but it can also stimulate disease. In this case it triggered my immune system, it effected my gut, my overall energy, my health.

Within three weeks of going back to my normal diet and lifestyle these plaques cleared up. But it made me wonder, if this happened in one summer what happens to your body if you give it poor quality food for years? Exactly why I believe most disease today stems from the diet and lifestyle we live in 2020.

This is why it’s so important to consume foods of high quality. Foods that are nutritious. It’s not about calories, it’s not about carbs, it’s about what your food does and signals once it’s in your body.

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