My Year to be Raw and Share My Story and How to Live Healthier

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This year on my page I decided I want to be more real. Be more vulnerable. Be more raw.

This is something I’ve been going back and forth on if I should do. Mostly because I was scared of showing all sides of me. Scared of being judged. Scared of the “what ifs”. But that meant I wasn’t fully being myself on my page.

What does that mean for this platform. Well, I still want to share health tips, how to build a more balanced life, how to live more naturally, how to better your mind body and spirit. But I also want to show the other side of me when it’s not just that.

Like anyone I don’t always live the perfect health conscious life. There are days I eat bad food, there are days I’m unmotivated, there are days I’ll drink a beer, there are days where I I’m irritated, anxious and sometimes even depressed... but that’s being human.

Ultimately I feel this is a better connection to reality. It’s a better connection to you amazing people that follow my page. Because I know just seeing health posts is good information but it can be overwhelming and not always addressing the daily struggles we all have.

Ultimately I want to show you the full picture. Not just what can be displayed through a single photo and a short caption. I want to show how to balance life. How to rebound after a drinking a beer, how to recover after going out and having gluten in a meal, how to restore your mind after feeling like you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

So here’s to transparency. Here’s to showing you my own healing and health journey. Here’s to working to better yourself, living healthier, getting past the hurdles. And all I can do is hope you all can relate and keep creating your path alongside mine.

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