Naturopathic Principles and Why They Are Important During COVID-19

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Among such as chaotic and scary time I have stayed away from posting on social media. And not too sure how much I will be posting until things start calming down. There is so much media vomit going around about this topic it’s so hard to know what to believe and not to believe. This is why I didn’t want to much more to this already chattered talk. However, despite the madness Corona Virus has instilled I wanted to share a couple of my thoughts that I do feel like need to be heard and how important naturopathic medicine can be at this time.

In terms of Naturopathic Medicine more than ever have I seen people turning towards natural and alternative methods to support their bodies using nature as medicine (a fundamental naturopathic principle). Taking a new supplement to boost immunity. Or another herb to support their body. I am seeing numerous people turning to herbs, vitamins, nutrition, supplements, stress relief, the list goes on.

Also, preventing disease is at an all-time high, while practicing social distancing and washing your hands you are engaging in another naturopathic principle of prevention.

I am glad to see so many people turning towards ways to support their bodies naturally but remember not all information you read online through blogs, social media, news outlets is always completely correct. Make sure you are consulting with a licensed doctor if you are making any dramatic changes to your health plan.

With that said naturopathic medicine can provide your immune system and body as a whole so many benefits to maintain health and vitality. In order to look into what it can provide I thought it would be best to share the principles and how they pertain to your health during this time.

  1. Do No Harm – This is something that has bothered me the most and why I have not posted to much because I do not want to add more dirt to an already muddied time. Many people are sharing ideas and recommendations of what to do during this time. Please ONLY listen to experts and licensed professionals as they are best equipped to help you and not just people social following. This is an infectious disease and the wrong information can cause harm.
  2. Treat the Whole Person – during this time where we want to keep our immune systems strong and prevent infections it’s important to also treat the whole body. You need to look at all aspects of your health not just how to quickly spike immunity but also looking into other systems that affect your mind, body and spirit.
  3. Nature as Medicine – Many natural treatments are being studied and used to help with infection. Which is amazing because so many of these natural and complex natural treatments can be extremely useful. However, once again do not just take something because you saw someone post about it online. Speak to your health care provider before starting a major health change.
  4. Prevention – this is important during a time where a disease is establishing its presence. Preventing this disease for yourself and spreading to others is drastically important. Support your body with good food, fresh air, meditation, sunlight, etc. to establish the best health practices for yourself. However, even if your immune system is strong you want to help prevent its spread to others. Spend time maintaining good hygiene such as washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Next, practice social distancing, even if you don’t feel like you can get sick you may be a carrier that could bring it to someone that is more compromised. Help prevent this from happening right now by limiting your social encounters.
  5. Physician as teacher – Once again ONLY listen to your experts and licensed health professionals. Not everyone’s advice you read online is accurate and safe. Please speak to your doctors about any changes you wish to make. Many are willing to do virtual consults to help maintain social distancing and provide you the answers you are looking for.
  6. Identify and Treat the Cause – this principle looks into the real reason we have this disease and how it spreads. By practicing many of the earlier principles you can help kill this virus and stop the progression.

I hope this information helps. Just remember a lot of this pandemic is media driven. We need to not engage in everything we are seeing and sit back and listen to credible sources. We need to support our bodies and help others do the same. Stay safe everyone, Much Love during this time!

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