Not All Kids Meal Drinks are Good, Try this Substitute

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As our children develop it’s important to provide them adequate and high quality nutrition. However, some companies seem to market products for this that our children simply should not be consuming.

Pediasure has become one of the highest selling child development products. However, this product is far from being beneficial. Yes, it does have vitamins and minerals but is also loaded with a lot of other junk. Here are some of the poor quality ingredients.

Corn Maltodextrin - this is another form of corn syrup. This high fructose sugar is very Inflamamtory. It also has been linked to elevated triglycerides, weight gain, type 2 diabetes and ultimately heart disease.

Carrageenan - this additive has been linked to IBS, inflammation, bloating, glucose intolerance and food allergies.

Natural and artificial flavors - this has a whole list of problems. They include ADHD, cancer, digestive disruption, hormone disruption and more.

Canola oil - high in omega-6 oils that are pro-inflammatory.

Non-organic ingredients - means there could be exposure to hormones, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and more.

Simply this stuff is really now what we want our children to be consuming. However, companies like @kitehillfoods are making good quality products that give your children adequate nutrition that function with their body.

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