Nutrition is the Foundation to Good Health

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Nutrition is one of the foundations to good health. No drug, no surgery, no miracle is going to be able to correct bad eating habits. Changing your diet and eating whole foods can truly set you up for a better future.

Here are some simple rules to eat by:

1. Eat real foods.
2. Eat mostly plants.
3. Eat organic.
4. Eat unprocessed.
5. Don’t eat additives or preservatives.
6. Eliminate artificial colors and ingredients.
7. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient you probably shouldn’t be eating it.
8. Eat a variety of colors that come naturally.
9. Get in tune with you body and give it what it wants.
10. Balance with clean filtered water.
11. Avoid processed sugars.

These are just a few tools I use. Do you have any others you live by?

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