Outdoors can Help You Heal! Look at These Benefits from Nature

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How often do you take time to be outdoors? Like, really taking time to breath in fresh air, get your feet on the ground and soak in Mother Nature?

This is something I am personally adding more into my life. There is something very powerful about the healing properties of nature.

Many of us probably know that being in nature you can breathe in fresh air and find natural clean water but check out some of these other benefits.

A study done by the University of Michigan followed students taking tests after being in nature compared to after being in a city. Those exposed to nature had improved scores and memory recall by 20%. Another Japanese study following 420 participants showed those who spent time in nature had a decrease in cortisol and blood pressure values. Also, they had a 56% increase in NK cells which are important immune cells for fighting off invaders and cancer.

Another study following elderly patients spending time in nature showed a decrease in pro-inflammatory markers. Indicating benefit for autoimmune and inflammation related disorders such as arthritis.

Another study of almost 4000 children in Sydney showed spending time in nature such as being outdoors playing sports decreased vision disorders such as myopia significantly.

Besides these there are many other studies and preliminary studies showing benefits on: anxiety, stress, cancer, adhd, memory, lowers morbidity and so much more.

Don’t forget to go outside and take some time with nature. It’s amazing the healing benefits and medicine it can provide just being in its presence.

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