People Are the Reason I'm in the Medical Field

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People, I believe are the fundamental reason why I entered the medical field. I absolutely love them. For most of my life I have found myself connecting with others and enjoying their stories.

After all, the world is so beautiful. Filled with so many unique people: Different races, different cultures, different religions. All of which make them the beautiful people they are. We live in a time where it still seems there is so much segregation between people. But it makes me wonder why?

Yes, some of us have different skin colors. Yes, some of us eat different foods. And Yes, some of us believe in different religions. But why not see this as something beautiful.

I know this is a reason why I love meeting new people; the reason I like to travel to different places in the world. Emerging myself in unique cultures with unique people has always been the best growth I have found. Not to mention the stories you learn, the food you taste, the relationships you build become ever empowering and change you for the better.

So, let’s stop looking at the world as black and white and start to enjoy our differences. Take a moment and speak to someone of a different culture and get to know their ways. You will be amazed with how much you can learn and how much better of a person it will make you.

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