Pesticides: What they are Doing to Your Body

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RoundUp – most of us have probably heard of this pesticide. And many of us have probably seen a lot of information in the news lately about this company being sued and losing billions of dollars, only with more law suits to come. But why?

This company truly has impacted the health of a huge number of people around the world. Worst thing is they did so in a very corrupt way. The original studies that were supplied showed that RoundUp’s active chemical Glyphosate was safe. However, if we dive further into this study we come to find much of this research was backed by the company itself and not done by academic sources without bias. Like all studies done this way it’s very easy to make your data show what you would like for it to show.

However, in 2018 a study of more than ~54,000 pesticide applicators (people handling the pesticides) showed that this chemical is actually linked with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Studies have also shown that this chemical also changes estrogen receptors, neurological diseases, decreases male fertility, has affects on female pregnancy rates and so much more. This is only a few of the health concerns that are associated with its use.

So why do we need to worry. Well, this chemical is just about EVERYWHERE. Since its creation in 1974 3.5 billion pounds of been sprayed in the United States and 18.9 Billion pounds have been used worldwide. Its sprayed on the food we eat, its sprayed in the parks our children play in, its sprayed on the lawns we lay in. ITS EVERYWHERE.

The USDA data from 2016 showed that of 10,000 foods sampled almost 85% of them had detectable pesticide levels. This means most of us are exposed to this toxic chemical daily. It’s time for all of us to know this and what really is being sprayed on our food. For decades we have been consuming these toxins with little idea of what they were doing to our body. Please share this information with someome to help stop this GIANT from harming so many of us! #banRoundUp

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