Prolotherapy, Why this Injection Technique is Helping Joint Injuries

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Prolotherapy is a treatment method that uses an agent that can be locally injected to promote regeneration of tissues.

Agents such as dextrose, PRP, stem cells and exosomes are used to promote this natural healing cascade. Each has a slightly different mechanism of action but all ultimately promote poliferation (increase in cell numbers) where injected.

Today one of the major areas of use is for musculoskeletal disorders. Damage such as knee injuries, shoulder tears, ligament laxity and more use this amazing method to restore normal function of the area.

This is a great alternative treatment to surgery or steroids. The goal is to actually restore your tissues to normal health vs cutting pieces out or just masking inflammation.

Dr. Hacket and Dr. Hemwall, two of the more profound modern day prolo therapist have had amazing success with these treatments. In a study of 1600 patients by Dr. Hacket he saw a 82% success rate. Dr. Hamwell tracked 8,000 patients and of these 72% reported notable recovery or cure!

If you suffer from a sports injury, have bad knees or any other form of joint or soft tissue related injury this is a great treatment to explore. Ask your physician or find a specialist in your area to find out if these treatments may be right for you.

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