Regenerative Medicine: A look Into PRP, Stem Cells and Exosomes

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Regenerative therapies are some of the most exciting treatments for me. After finishing my graduate studies in regenerative medicine this field has truly fascinated me.

Just imagine instead of masking pain with Advil, or cutting out tissue with surgery you can actually regrow and repair injuries with precision injections and techniques.

Right now areas such as musculoskeletal, hair loss and skin rejuvenation have shown amazing results with these practices. Treatments include stem cells, exosomes, Prolotherapy solution, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). However, sometimes it take a a lot more than just locally injecting a solution.

In order to regenerate you must also set the patient up for success. That means proper nutrition, physical therapy, lifestyle changes to support their body. For instance, think of the body as a fish tank. If the tank is dirty adding in a cup of clean water isn’t going to fix the issue. You must first clean the tank before adding anything else in.

With this combination of supporting the body and regenerative techniques we are at a time where we can restore a regenerate function in the body. It truly is amazing stuff.

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