So... I just take this Pill for the Rest of My Life???

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Let me tell you something most of you are not Vicodin deficient, are not valium deficient, are not adderall deficient. Today the pharmaceutical industry has truly taken over the way we approach healthcare. IN all honesty it’s a model that should be called “SICKCARE”. For every ailment there is a pill but let me tell you…. These pills are often designed to not fix a core problem but to aid in a symptom relief. .

Don’t get me wrong there are times where medications are definitely needed. If I break my arm I most likely am going to want some pain medication to ease the situation. But outside of these life critical circumstances the use of medications has become outright problematic. .

The biggest issue resides in the fact we are not addressing core issues. For instance, a patient may be experiencing pain down their leg. This pain has been problematic for years. Today many physicians turn to opioids and other pain killers to mask this signal of pain. Yes, the patient will not feel the pain, but the problem has not been corrected. Maybe this patient has a structural issue such as an impinged nerve or displaced vertebrae. We really need to go back to treating the root cause. .

Now the patient is stuck on this medication. Never truly fixing the source of their pain. Day after day they take their medication, further masking their pain. Over time the medications side effects manifest and now a series of problems is created. It’s a snowball effect. And still the original problem is still there. .

So, if you are taking a medication daily ask your doctor if there are ways to maybe one day not use them. Make sure you do this with professional help. I can’t tell you how many of us can be drug free if we take the time and give our body what it needs. Often its simple lifestyle changes. .

Ill be honest, most of these root cause treatments take time. It may not get rid of the pain in minutes like the pain killer. However, once the root cause is corrected you can live a healthy normal life. And that my friends is “HEALTHCARE”.

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