Supplements, Why you Must be Careful in this Highly Unregulated Industry

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Did you know the supplement industry is a rather unregulated industry. That means the quality of the products you may be receiving may be compromised.

Many products use poor quality ingredients, have harmful additives, are contaminated with pesticides heavy metals and so much more. And they are still marketed as health supplements 😱.
In 2015 there were 23,000 hospitalizations that were attributed to supplements safety. Clearly, these products do need to be looked into in more depth before starting.

Lastly, many supplements are not the same as the ones you read about In studies. They often have different quality ingredients, formulations etc. so you cannot always compare them to what you read about in a study.

This year even Amazon one of the biggest suppliers of supplements issued a sight wide warning about the quality and regulations of supplements. Clearly stating the risks behind this under regulated industry.

Besides quality there is also a lot of concern of where your supplements are coming from. Are they lab made synthetic or from real natural sources such as food. This can be a huge concern because isolated synthetic products can often be harmful when compared to their natural counterpart. This has been seen in vitamins such as vitamin E.

In a nut shell be weary about your supplements. Looks for ones that are cGMP manufactured, use third party testing for quality, and will provide data on what’s really in the product. Your functional or naturopathic doctor can also help you find trusted brands that your body will enjoy.

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