Suppressing Symptoms is NOT Healing

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Suppressing is NOT healing.

Today we live in medical world filled with suppression and NOT always healing. What do I mean by this?

Well, more often then not we are treating symptoms. We see a sign or symptom and we quickly prescribe something to suppress it. More often then not we do not actually treat the root cause of the disease manifesting the symptom.

For example, let’s look at a skin plaque from psoriasis. Conventionally, a steroid would be prescribed to calm the skin plaque. However, the true reason why this plaque started was never addressed. Yes, sometimes the steroid may be needed regardless. Sometimes these breakouts can be severe and problematic for a patient. BUT ultimately the root cause should also be addressed.

Most likely in this case the patient was not lacking a steroid in their body. But something else is going on. Maybe a lack of vitamin D or may it be a gut inflammation response. Moral of the story is we need to investigate this further and truly heal the patient.

This is just one example. This happens all to often with so many areas of medicine where we are treating just a symptom and not the root of disease.

So what can be done. First, knowledge. Understand your body. Understand what is going on if a disease manifest. Ask questions, explore answers, take control of your body.

Second, look into finding a doctor that is willing to spend time with you. Often, healing is not a quick fix. It may take time and dedication for your Doctor to support you on your healing journey. But there are doctors out there willing to support you on this road to health.

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