The Law of Attraction - My Idea of this Power

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I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. The laws of affirmations. The laws of thought. What is meant by this?

You are ultimately a collection of your conscious and subconscious thoughts. What goes on in your mind often manifests into reality.

This idea however can go two ways. If you believe and stick to positive affirmations and put in the work to achieve them you can create this reality. For instance, you really want to build a better career or relationship. Start by saying It out loud daily. Let the universe hear you. Now take the steps to start building in this direction. This takes both positive thought and some elbow grease to achieve.

However, this isn’t always something that only works to better yourself. Which is why you must pay attention to your thoughts. You can also say affirmations that harm you. Have you ever had a negative thought running through your head and while this is happening it seems like just about everything around you is also going bad. It’s kind of like creating the saying “when it rains it pours”. Your thoughts are powerful and can effect the way you navigate through the world.

This is why it’s important to take time and analyze your thoughts. For me this is done through meditation. I take the time to sit with them. To understand them. And to focus my minds energy on the ones that serve me.

So try this, sit still in a quiet place. Slowly tap into the thoughts going through your mind. Focus on the ones that make you happy and build them into abundance. The ones that are negative put them to the side, they will often be there but are not apart of you. You have the power to focus on what matters and simply observe and discredit the ones that don’t.

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