Toxin Exposures, Why They Are Just About Everywhere and Harming Our Health

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Toxins… they are just about everywhere. In our food, in our air, on our clothes. EVERYWHERE. So, let’s look at this in more detail.

Some would argue “well its such small exposures that the levels are benign” and this is one of the phrases that bothers me the most. Let’s look at a typical day.
You wake up in bed. Your sheets are washed in a detergent made with harsh chemicals (EXPOSURE). You then get up stretch and take a deep breath of your city air filled with VOCs etc. (EXPOSURE). You then go to your sink and take a glass of water from the sink filled with cholerine, pesticides and other toxins (EXPOSURE). Next you grab your toothbrush and lather on toothpaste ridden with fluoride and artificial colorings (EXPOSURE). Now you are making your breakfast and eat a meal full of pesticides (EXPOSURE). Okay this is only the first couple hours of being awake. I hope you get the point. We are constantly exposed. Day after day, time after time, these small amounts accumulate. Over time our bodies can become toxic and disease can manifest.

So, what do you do? Well, it’s not possible to completely isolate yourself from toxins. You are bound to be in contact with them daily. But there are two major areas you can improve.

First, decreasing the exposure amount. Trying to live a lifestyle that I low in toxins is key. Examples are using a water filter, using non-toxic cleaning products, non-toxic personal care products, eating organic food, using an air purifier in your home…there are many ways to decrease your toxic load.

Second, improve your detox pathways. Luckily, our bodies are pretty amazing. We have built in ways to detox. Our bodies are designed to rid and destroy these pesky invaders. Speak to you doctor about ways you can improve detoxing. (this is important to have medical supervision as detoxing needs to be done right and under professional supervision).

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