Vitamin D Has Shown to Help with Cancer and All-Cause Mortality

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A Meta-analysis study of 75,454 participants showed a decrease in the risk of cancer related death by 16%. This study done by Yu Zhang et. al. looked into the benefits of vitamin D supplementation and mortality risks.

After their research, they not only showed that over all this population had a decrease in cancer related death but also a subgroup analysis showed a decrease in all-cause mortality.

Patients that were supplementing D3 instead of D2 had a significant decrease in all-cause mortality. This shows that this supplement can help reduce the likelihood of any death: cancer, cardiovascular, stroke, etc.

Clearly this fat soluble vitamin is crucial to our health. We know it can help with Ca regulation, hormone production, cholesterol balance, and so much more.

However, did you know that that patients who are in hospitalized on average have a 57% prevalence of vitamin deficiency and in nursing homes it is about 60%. Clearly, vitamin D is very closely related to our health.

Some of the best ways to get vitamin D still are through sun exposure. And this may be one of the reasons why so many of us are deficient. Most of us live indoors, covered in clothes, and will not see the sun without sunblock.

However, this beautiful vitamin that is synthesized using sunlight is truly overlooked and we need to take more time to take in this nutrient.

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