Why Eating Whole Food High Quality is Important

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One of the simplest ways to eat well is to stick to whole quality ingredients that support the bodies physiological functions.

Let’s just look at this meal. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a meal you can sustain a. Diet on but everyone needs a little cheat meal here and there. But when you do use the same rule, whole quality ingredients.

You could use non organic wheat mixed with preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, topped with a a syrup made of 15 ingredients most of which are high fructose corn syrup and not actual syrup. OR you can make these pancakes. Made of flax and hemp flower, with hemp seeds, chia “egg” mix, filtered water, topped with organic tangerines, coconut flakes and real organic maple syrup 😋

Can’t wait to share our cookbook later this year and help empower you into knowing your ingredients and what make something better than the other 🥞

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